Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Quickie

hermione hat2
pattern: Hermione Hearts Ron by Christy Aylesworth (free on Ravelry)
yarn: Rowan 4ply Soft (discontinued) in colorway "sooty"
needles: Crystal Palace US3 bamboo 16" circulars

the pattern is a replica of the hat worn by Hermione in the latest Harry Potter film. absolutely adorable and i think the finished crown is cuter than the original. the decreases form a lovely snowflake pattern. this was pretty lightweight--i may try doubling the yarn and using a US4 or 5 needle.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Never Really Know

who's paying attention. recent conversation...

Virginia (not her real name): what happened to your blog? there hasn't been anything there for some time now, and you've been knitting quite a bit.

me: well, i just haven't updated it in a while. you know, with this big project at work and all. besides, its not like anyone ever reads it--there are so many other committed bloggers out there.

Virginia: you should really update your blog! look at all these projects!!

me: i know, i know, but i usually end up giving them away before i can even take pictures. besides, my pics suck and its not like anyone ever reads it. its more for me anyway.

Virginia: (stern look)

me: okay.

so here we go again at keeping up the blog. when i left off, I hadn't put up a picture of the Mellon Shawl from Victorian Lace Today. as i lack any camera abilities (even tho i have a photographer in the house--quite shameful, isn't it?), the pics kinda suck, but they can always serve as proof that there's knitting going on...

Mellon Shawl

Mellow Shawl
pattern: Mellon Shawl from "Victorian Lace Today"
yarn: Rowan's Kidsilk Haze; colorway Marmalade
needle: US6, edging US5

Anne M. at Knit+Stitch= Bliss in Bethesda, MD, was being uber sweet and showing this to one of her beginning knitting classes. if you're ever in the area, stop in--there are some truly amazing people there and i am so fortunate to know them.

Not pictured are:

--two La Cumparsita shawls.i loved the pattern so much i did one in the original color theme using Knit Picks Palette in "merlot" and the other in Palette's "verdant heather". i have yet to block either one as there is work being done at home and i just don't have the space. hopefully my blocking frame plans will happen soon.

--three pairs of socks in Knit Picks Felici sock yarn

--a lace christening blanket that i'm designing...still in the early stages.

--lots of laceweight spinning on my spindle. who knew spinning so thin would actually take TIME??????

--the Myrtle leaf shawl in progress. as its a gift for someone, i have broken my own rule about knitting with black. on size US1 its taking a bit of time--longer than i wish.

--granny square blanket. its a project for a customer. normally, i don't do any finishing but have started to branch out a bit more.

--Hermione Hearts Ron hat. Lovely Ravelry pattern that is a replica of the hat Hermione wears in the latest Harry Potter film.

--my persistent scrounging for Rowan 4ply Soft (i can't believe they discontinued it!!!!)

--hoards of hats that i am knitting for LoveThreads

and now that i've gone on about what pictures i don't have, let's go the pics i DO have. projects on the needles:


nutmeg hat
pattern: Nutmeg from Berrocco's pattern book #288 for Blackstone Tweed
needles: US7

this is a new yarn that the shop is carrying. wool, angora, and mohair blend that makes for a softer than usual tweed. similar to Jo Sharp's Silkroad Tweed--without the silk and cashmere. almost finished with 4 inches of 3x2 ribbing before the real pattern starts

Sockhead hat

sockhead hat
pattern: Sockhead Hat
needles: Addi Turbo US3
yarn: i have no earthly idea. given as a gift from D at the shop. supersoft!

yet another Ravelry pattern that i absolutely adore. i think its a great way to use up nice sock yarn that hasn't found a sock pattern. i've got some Claudia's and Koigu that i plan to use for this too.

Cold Mountain Shawl

cold mountain shawl

Pattern: cold Mountain Shawl by Kieran Foley, Knitty
yarn: Jojoland Harmony; colorway Dark Pastels
needles: Addi Lace US3

very soothing knit. i did a provisional cast on as i didn't like the straight edging. there's a pattern from Victorian Lace today that i think compliments the shawl. the pic doesn't do the colors justice and this would look really nice in a variegated silk like Claudia's.

so Virginia, yes, i've been knitting. and yes, i've been really bad about blogging about it. and yes, i will try better.

oh yeah...thank you for letting me know you're out there.