Monday, March 30, 2009

If There had been a 6th Spice Girl..

...she would have been named Spinny Spice. "if you wanna be my roving, you gotta be really from indie dyers, and be extra lofty, yeah!" decked in an ultra-risky outfit of emmaculately carded tuffs of roving--strategically placed, of course. the heels of her platform shoes would be skillfully carved spindles that whorled everytime she kicked up her heels...

okay, i admit it. i've been scrounging like a crack addict for roving. i. am. addicted. and that's alright. in this case, the first step in healing is to get some. and get some i did:

Woolarina roving in Butterscotch
4oz of Merino/Cashmere/Nylon from Woolarina in colorway Butterscotch. since my picture taking skills are below sub par, here's another one:
Woolarina roving in Butterscotch
I think the color is a bit richer and true in this one. plus, you can see Woolarina's tag.

Woolarina Roving in Lavender
4oz of Merino/Silk in Lavender. Also as scrumptious.

There's a lovely lady at one of my LYS named Dietrick--i've mentioned her before. Well Dietrick loves cashmere. As wonderful as she is, i believe she just might sell us all up the river if it involved getting some good quality cashmere. Well now, i understand her. i can't stop holding the Butterscotch roving. it's an 80/10/10 blend, and is absolutely divine to the touch. i pet it and say "i'm saving you for something special precious, i've bought a special spindle for you precious, i'm going to spin you well my precious" and i'm hoping it believes me. there are spindles making their way to me but only one will touch this roving from beginning to end.

yeah, i know this is weird, but the fiber lovers out there get it.


cici said...

You scored some great roving.The colors are beautiful. I love the new blog look too.

Nise said...

Thanks! it is soooo soft and wonderful.