Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doin' the Duty

10 years ago, my artistic self decided to move into the city. it was hip, it was cool, it put me in closer contact with the artistic community that i was part of, i was gonna buy a house, yadda, yadda. within 6 months of obtaining official residency--and updating my voter registration info--i got tagged with jury duty. not just once, but religiously every 2 years in the spring, i get my notification. on the 4th year, i asked about the frequency and was given the legal-ese blah, blah about how it was in accordance with the law etc. i said, i wasn't disputing the legality of it, just questioning the frequency. i was then told that there weren't enough 'qualified' residents in DC to serve, i.e. everyone is temporary or has a criminal background. now, i know LOTS of law abiding permanent residents, who are registered voters, who have never served. but like clockwork come April or May, I get notified to show up.

now don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining, i believe in doing my civic duty...its a privilege to participate in the spirit of our country's judicial system. and i haven't complained for 9 years, about getting my little 'petite juror' notice (serve 1 day or 1 trial--i NEVER get picked). but on the 10th anniversary of my $4 a day gig as a DC juror, why do i get this:



from July 28 through August 29. and entire month. and you know, for one brief moment, i wanted to complain, and then i read my notification: no call in, must show up everyday.....this is a friggin' vacation from the insanity that is my job. my biggest concern now is: what kind of project should i work on? i have a whole month of crafting i could do, and yes, i can knit in the DC courthouse (no metal).

the girlchild has suggested that i do a Pi shawl with a medieval theme. i have 2 of the Barbara Walker stitch pattern dictionaries and the 2nd volume has a cottage and a castle, along with flowers and trees. ive been looking at other patterns and may design a stole to work on. or continue making more socks:

Gelato Sock

pattern: "A Classic Sock Pattern" from Nancy Bush's Folk socks (64 stitch)
yarn: KnitPicks Felici (self striping yarn
colorway: Gelato
needles: KnitPicks Harmony sock needles; cuff 2.25mm/US1, leg 2.50mm/US1

here's a closup of the leg and stitches:
Gelato Sock

i really like the Harmony needles, (one of which can be seen in the jury summons pic)the stitch seem to be more even and clean and the tips are uber pointy which is great for starting circular lace pieces. matter of fact, i like them soooo much, that i'm getting their circulars so i can learn to do 2 socks at a time on 2 circular needles. just goes a bit faster. for my my non-knitting friends, here's what it looks like when i'm knitting the sock:

Gelato Sock

i had just finished turning the heel and was working on the gussest. i started out using 5 needles, went to 2 for the heel flap, and then 4 for the gusset, then back to 5 for the foot. lots of little pointy sticks...ensures no one bothers me on the train ride to work!

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