Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Unpacking, mistakes, and humility

as i get settled into my little space here, i'll try my best to post photos of the projects i'm working on. matter o' fact, here's one that has me a bit stumped. it's originally a vintage doily pattern by Marianne Kinzel--Valentine Doily. it has a star-like center with a ring of hearts on mesh. i decided to take the Kinzel pattern and use the Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi theory to turn a 12-inch doily into a 72-inch shawl. i got thru the doily pattern with no problems. the doily pattern ended with 342 stitches so i increased to 350 and then k3 rounds (k=knit). i then plugged in the horseshoe lace pattern (Barbara Walker's First Treasury, pg.209) and got into 3 pattern repeats. somehow, on the final repeat, the stitches aren't adding up. i am short a stitch and can't find the mistake. i planed to do 3 pattern repeats and then do a proper increase round to 700 stitches and continue the pattern, but now, i'm sooooooo disgusted with myself (yeah, i left out the lifeline) that i can't bear to look at it right now. plus, tinking back will take quite some time with the Cashwool as its very clingy. so what looked like this:

is now sitting, untouched like this:

so i set it down and moved on to this:

Pi Shawl

and got up to 576 stitches with no lifeline, only to realize that i may have screwed up again. so i set it down to mull it over and started this:

Pi Shawl for me

which, ironically, is the exact same pattern, just in silk. i'm at 288 stitches, and yes, there is a mistake-but i can fix this one. just tink back one round and move my marker over one stitchthis is not a difficult pattern. i have learned that i'm just a difficult person. so i now beg the deities of knitting for forgiveness and i will sew in the lifeline right away.....i promise.

at this point, i am considering tinking back to the end of the doily pattern and starting over. i could just knit the whole thing over again (more like me) or i could let it taunt me, over and over.

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