Monday, June 16, 2008

More WIPs

my mind tells me, that if i blog about what i'm working on, then i'll be more accountable for completing the project--doesn't mean my mind is correct, but at least there's a record of it somewhere.

April in December baby sweater

this sweater was supposed to be a baby gift for a special little baby girl in cyberspace. due to a few personal issues, it got put on the burner--and all it needs are sleeves and the neck and button band to finish it off. i'm knitting both sleeves at the same time, and am already halfway thru. oh, and lets not forget the cute flowers that go between the lace pattern below:

April in December baby sweater

baby is now approx. 6 months old and may not fit this sweater. but since mommy has been sewing, i'm going to finish the sweater, with the hopes that she may know of another baby to give it to, or perhaps, she'll sew a doll that can wear the sweater. *hint, hint* that way, i can move on to another project for the baby. i'm thinking, it will still be a cardigan, and perhaps pearl buttons, just cus i'm that slow in getting them to mom.

another project that has been hanging around is this one:

Posideon's Mistress

i call it Posideon's Mistress. the focal bead is a faceted yellow opal and the large reddish stones are faceted sunstones. included in the mix are various pearls, fancy jasper, rutilated quartz, citrine, rose quartz, garnet, carnelian, and aquamarine. its a pretty substantial piece as far as the weight but its not quite done. so any tips would be helpful. now that i can make my own chain, i'm thinking i should do something more substantial like chainmaille.

the final project is for the girlchild--the Central Park Hoodie:
Central Park Hoodie
i got off to a great start and then things slowed down once the girlchild got sick, then got on medication, then started to gain a little weight. she's losing the weight now so we'll see. i'm sure it will still fit but she wanted it loose fitting. i've even gotten the sleeves done:
Central Park Hoodie
all that needs to be done is to finish the hood (the upper part of neck) set in the sleeves, then pick up the edge stitches to do the button band. now that its been warm i'm not sure i want to work on something as heavy as this--hence the lace projects.


cici said...

you sound like me. I have a few projects I need to get to myself, including my CPH. You do some lovely work

Nise said...

i hope its not a commitment issue thing....and thank you for the kind words. i've seen you're work too and its wonderful!