Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sock It To Me

so i've been on a sock kick recently....they're quick, and highly portable. i'm also teaching myself this technique:

2 socks at one time
pattern: basic 64-stitch sock pattern
yarn: KnitPicks Felici self striping sock yarn
colorway: Berries
needles: KnitPicks Harmony 47" fixed need, size 2.25mm/US1

knitting 2 socks at the same time--on one circular needle. i'm trying it to avoid "second sock syndrome". sometimes, especially when a new stitch pattern or technique is involved, once i've done the first one, the excitment is over. so to maintain productivity, i'm learning how to do both socks at the same time. so far, the only downside i'm seeing is that it slows me down a bit, normally, i'd be almost ready to do the heel flap and righ now, i'm only 2 inches into the actual leg. and manuevering the cord and trying not to get 2 balls of yarn twisted up is a bit of a nuisance--but not enough to make be stop. hopefully, as i get more comfortable with the technique, it will move a bit faster. of course, i'm getting 10 stitches to the inch versus 7 or 8 so that will make it go a bit slower too. this is how i normally do socks:

Spring Forward Sock
pattern: Spring Forward, Summer '08 issue of
yarn: Perchance to Knit superwash merino sock yarn
colorway: Nasturnums
needles: KnitPicks Harmony sock needles size 2.25mm/US1

that's 66 stitches divided amongst 4 needles, plus one to work with--5 needles. i'm also getting 10 stitches per inch on the sole of the sock. rest of the sock is done at the pattern gauge of 7.5 stitches per inch.

i am still plowing away on my lace projects--they're just too big for me to lugg on the commute, plus, i'm afraid something my happen to them. so for now, socks will be the major commute project for a while.

i also got some goodies recently:

Lyra, by Herbert Niebling

i've been wanting this pattern forever, but the obey-copyright person inside me said wait until you can get it legally. its been on ebay, going for up to $50-$60 bucks. Recently, recieved permission to reprint this uber famous lace pattern and is selling it for $7! it will definitely be a test of my knitting skills. so along with the pattern, i got:

Shetland Cobweb
Shetland Cobweb, 100% pashmina wool

its the real deal.....thread thin wool used to make those insane Shetland shawls. i purchased 2,000 yards. now all i need to do is get some size 0000 needles and i'll be good to go. i only have size 0 in my arsenal of all things thin.

and since i was in the buying mood, i also got these goodies from a local dyer, the Sanguine Gryphon:

Little Traveler Sock yarn, colorway: Venezuela, 560yds merino, 2 skeins

it is soft and squishy and the color is a more vibrant green-teal shade that goes from blue/green to teal to green/blue to black

Taiping DK, colorway: Terra cotta, 220yds cashmere, 1 skein

Taiping DK, colorway: Moss Green, 220yds cashmere, 1 skein

*ahem* CASHMERE.....hand dyed and affordable *squeeling like a schoolgirl* the green is a bit more olive than the pic but the terra cotta is just as lively and vibrant. i don't know what i'm going to make with them but.....CASHMERE!

tonight is Stitch n Bitch night in Dupont circle, so i'll get to oooh and ahhhh and giggle with my kind and get some knitting down.

next post will be about the sparklies....Fire Mountain Gems contest is coming up and i think i might enter....


cici said...

wow... all my favorite things in one post, socks yarn and more yarn. Your lace is toooo gorgeous!I might have to check out dupont circle stitch and Bitch. I want to know more about afordable cashmere.

Nise said...

the cashmere was $19 for 220yds hand dyed. i thought that was pretty good. excellent customer service and beautiful rich colors....lots of depth to her variegated yarns. i've been enjoying the Dupont SnB...interesting mix of people with one common love of all things fiber.